There are no hidden charges:

  • We don’t charge a service charge or management fee.

Most landlords will pass on costs for the maintenance and upkeep of the building to their tenants by adding a service charge to their bill. We budget for these in our rents so our tenants know how much they are paying per annum before they commit to a lease.

  • We don’t charge VAT on our commercial rentals

The rent you agree is the rent you pay! Most landlords will add VAT to their bill. If you reclaim VAT this is equivalent to a saving of 20%.
There is no VAT to pay on residential rents.

  • We don’t charge for drawing up a lease.
  • We don’t charge a fee for an inventory.

We own the buildings, we are not agents:

  • Your line of contact is direct to us. This means you don’t need to go through an agent when you need help

This makes us easy to contact and quick to respond to your needs. We employ our own maintenance team. If there is problem with your premises it is our own staff that will deal with the situation. Our experienced staff clean the common areas of our buildings on a daily basis at no extra cost to our tenants. At ALG we feel that properly maintained buildings cost less to run.

  • Your lease is with us, it doesn’t tie you to one office or building.

Many of our customers are looking to grow their business and we like to help. If you need more space to expand or diversify, we will happily help you to move to a more suitable space in one of the variety of buildings we own in Wigan. Each year this flexibility helps our customers grow their business without overstretching themselves at the start.

We specialise in Wigan
We have been helping tenants move into new premises in Wigan since the company was founded 1963. We are not absent landlords who you never see! Our team are all based in Wigan giving us invaluable local knowledge and making us easily accessible to support you and your business. From the first conversation, our intention is to understand you, your business and your budget. This helps us to provide the premises that best suit your needs.

We are easy to contact
We intend this website to be as informative as possible but there is no substitute for conversation so please pick up the phone and call our office on 01942 244222 to discuss your business needs and we’ll do our best to help

Homes to rent in Wigan

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