We intend this website to be as informative as possible but there is no substitute for conversation so please pick up the phone and call us on 01942 244222 to discuss your needs and we

How can I view a property I am interested in?
If you would like to view any of our available premises or wish to discuss your requirements please call us on 01942 244222.
How long will my tenancy agreement be for?
For residential properties we use a 6 month assured shorthold tenancy which can be renewed.
How much will it cost me to set up the tenancy agreement?
NO agents fees NO landlords solicitors costs No inventory fee Lease costs – If our standard terms are acceptable to you, there will be no additional costs.
How much VAT will I pay?
There is no VAT to pay on residential rents.
Does the property have car parking available?
All our residential properties have their own parking.
Will I pay council tax?
For residential properties council tax is payable by the tenant. To find out council tax costs you can look at www.wigan.gov.uk or www.voa.gov.uk
What about utility bills?
Individual properties are separately metered and tenants are responsible for the electricity, gas and water consumed in their property directly with the supplier.
What about insurance?
Tenants are expected to arrange insurance for their own contents. ALG carry buildings insurance for each of our properties.

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